Doorlink Model 470

Thickness - 24 Guage Paint - 1.0mil

Doorlink Model 471

Thickness - 24 Guage Paint - 1.0mil Efficiency - 6.85 Interior - Vinyl

Constructed of top quality materials, flush panel with deep woodgrain texture and two coat prefinished paint system all combine to enhance the beauty of your home.


 Open Up Garage Door Inc. Charlotte, NC


 Garage Door Installation Concord, NC White

* Colors may vary from actual product.


Door Widths Panels Wide
8', 9'
10'  Open Up Garage Door Inc. Pineville, NC
14', 15'
16', 17', 18'
20', 22'

Heights Available

6'6", 6'9", 7'0", 7'6", 7'9", 8'0"


24 gauge metal

Hot dipped galvanized steel construction with hemmed inside return rail provides superior strength and durability.

1.0 mil paint system

Includes .25 mil rust inhibiting primer and .75 mil exterior top coat that resists fading and chalking while providing consistent color from panel to panel, and long life.

Rolled safety edges on section joints

Eliminates sharp edges, and provides extra strength.

19 Gauge hot dipped galvanized stiles

Heavy duty metal styles give strong rigid support for all hinges, rollers and operator attachment.

Stiles attached with rivets

Provides superior strength when compared to common sheet metal joining methods.

Tongue and groove meeting rails

For superior strength and better sealing against wind, rain and snow.

Rigid aluminum retainer

Provides added strength while securing replaceable u-shaped bottom weatherstrip to help keep the elements out.


R Value 6.85 Insulation

Enhances your home's energy savings, makes your door operation quieter, and reduces exterior noise in your garage.

CFC Free expanded polystyrene

Environmentally friendly insulation that will not degrade with vibration or time.

High impact plastic back cover

Protects the insulation, and enhances the interior look of your garage door.